Christians' Beliefs About the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

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Christians' Beliefs About the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Christians believe the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are

still as important today as they were two thousand years ago. The main

belief is that Jesus suffered and died to save us, to free us from our


The Jesus seen in Mark’s gospel calls himself the Son of Man and

Jesus’ suffering is a sign of his devotion to us. Jesus predicts his

death a number of times throughout Mark’s gospel and Christians have

two ways of interpreting this. Either they are the words of Jesus, or

Mark constructed them to emphasise the suffering and death of Jesus.

Although Jesus is God, he is also human and his humanity becomes

particularly evident when he goes to pray in Gethsemane, where he asks

his father if he has to go through with his suffering, even though he

knows that it is part of God’s plan. He says, “Take this cup of

suffering away from me”.[1] Here Jesus is scared and anxious, but

possesses true courage, as he still has the strength and determination

to endure pain, and even refuses to take the myrrh drug, which would

have decreased his torment. The huge nature of Jesus’ suffering is

displayed in the passage when the soldiers mock Jesus.[2]

Jesus had a choice whether or not to suffer and die, and chose to, to

save us. He suffered for us to make us good enough for heaven, and

could have stopped at any time, but didn’t. Jesus doesn’t have to pay

the price for his sins as he has none, and Christians believe that in

his willingness to suffer and die on their behalf, Jesus set an

example, which they themselves should be prepared to follow. In the

Gospel Jesus says, “If anyone would come after me…he must deny self

and take up his cross and follow me.”[3]

Jesus’ death was not a sign of his failure, but the climax of his

ministry. Christians believe that Jesus’ death arises from our

separation from God.
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