Chris Mccandless: Transcendentalism In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Traveling the world can expand the human experience. The intricate details of what life in nature has to offer are often referred as breathtaking, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. The novel Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless is a transcendentalist and his actions are justified because everyone should be able to find meaning beyond the normal societal “boundaries” of life as seen through Jan Burres’ reasoning and the refuted reasoning of his mother, Billie McCandless.
First off, Jan has a meaningful connection with Chris when he helped her out with her flea market trading business. While maintaining contact with Chris throughout his trip, she cares that he remains safe on his trip to Alaska. As they got to know each other Jan supports
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I guess he was saving it for the time he would be alone” (Qtd. in Krakauer 44). Chris never felt remorse for leaving his family, he, instead, spread his wings and fly out of the nest. Jan’s observation indicates that when he was around people, Chris must have acted differently than how he acted when alone. Through most of his teenage years, it appears as if he were tortured being stuck in this modern society. But when he was allowed freedom, like in this swap meet, he is happy to be with people and socializes and save up for when he left. His trip to Alaska is a lonely one, so he tries to keep his human connection with him as long as possible. This proves that he is mentally prepared to leave; therefore, mentally ready to drop everything at his home, possibly because there was nothing for him there anymore.
Alternatively, Billie McCandless is the mother of Chris McCandless that had a harder time understanding his decisions. She did have a time-consuming and taxing work life that led to less time spent with her children. Nevertheless, Billie has an opposing position
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Through firsthand accounts of his personality, from hotheaded to more content, Chris clearly experienced a shift in character. Through the experience of the outside world, his identity changed. These sources gave insight into how Chris felt before and during his adventure to Alaska. Two totally different descriptions that could be two different people shows Chris’ thinking leading to his overall happiness. He found himself in the wild making his travel worth it and overall, justifying the trip made that molded a new man for internal peace for
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