Chris Cunningham Frame

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Through this paper I will identify the political and symbolic frame elements that are incorporated in the given scenario of The Case of Chris Cunningham. I understand that the political frame of an organization focuses on strategies and tactics. This organizational frame is important because of its exceptional understanding of authority and the essential order of power that is used to make conflicting resolutions. It displays whatever contributes to conflicts in the organization and how they are solved within the group with opposing concerns. This frame can form coalitions among the organization by creating innovation out of its conflict. This frame portrays an organization as being jungles, contests, or arenas. In this scenario I can see …show more content…

It is my understanding that this will enable her to regain her authority and order of power so that the company can move forward and eliminate the conflict that is presently surfacing. It is here where it is also seems clear to me that Chris needs to take part of the coalition by respecting what the other employees are suggesting and by following the policies and procedures that become written and for him along with having him follow the chain of command within the organization. He needs to honor the authority and order of power that Elizabeth is entitled to by not only being the owner of Stover Industries but by being his boss as …show more content…

It is also important for the organization to have a primary leader for the group along with having an executive council or an alternative representation of the company who will incorporate input when discussing tough circumstances and disputable resolutions. This is where I believe that Elizabeth needs to find someone who has leadership power to direct the sales department. This person needs to be able to negotiate and work with others. If Chris would get this position he would need to quit being a trouble maker and start to become balanced and organized so that the sales team would work together to reach their goals. He would need to incorporate everyone’s desires and needs in order to create a set of agreeable goals for the whole group to minimize con-flicting concerns. However, the group goals might not be the prime agenda for every member. There are times where the individual goal or interest takes priority mainly when assuming a position of

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