Chimpanzees: The Dangers Of Animals In The World

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There are many animals in the world. Even we don’t know the exact number of them. Recently, it’s difficult to find some species because they already threaten and most of them become extinct. We can’t find the great ape called chimpanzees easily in the Africa forest. The largest population of chimpanzees are in central Africa, mainly Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Cameroon. It’s about 150,000 to 250,000 individuals (WWF,n.d). Their population keeps decreasing rapidly each year. Although this problem already handled by big organization, government and others, but the chimpanzees life aren’t safe. It is caused by many reasons, the human activities are one of the big problem that made chimpanzee become in endangered. Such as deforestation …show more content…

The forest where animals live already deforested because of human activities, for example they build a huge building for office, turn-over the function of forest became farming, and many more. We already felt, the transition of life goes so fast. As the time goes on, people need many foods because human population in the world keep increasing each year. That’s why people cut down the trees and change the forest become farming. But the bad effects that causes animals lose their habitat. Most of them move to another place, find a new place to hold their life, and problems that the chimpanzees face are they can’t find food as usual. Chimpanzees spend six to eight hours each day searching for food. They eat a wide variety of food, 200 different types of plant, and are particularly fond of leaves, fruit, nuts and berries (Banks, 1999). In a long term one by one the chimpanzees died because they can’t survived in their new habitat, that’s happened many times. Beside that they must face new predators likes jungle cat and reptile, it also the effect of human …show more content…

As we know, scientists still find a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. For doing their experiment they can’t not use human for specimen. Scientists must find new alternative ‘there are many way to Roma’, they had found chimpanzee genes has 96% to 98% similarity with humans (WWF,n.d). It is the main reason why chimpanzees used in experiment. The scientist used several chimpanzee to find new medicine for example HIV/AIDS vaccine. Until now the result is none, and there are many chimpanzees killed for it. We know to find something new, we must sacrifice something. For example sacrifice chimpanzees to find new medicine, but let’s think for the future if the scientists use it. Sometimes Chimpanzees will be extinct

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