Child Developments By Jean Piaget And Erick Erickson

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The development of children differs from individual to individual, depending on their unique temperament, leaning style, family, and upbringing. Research theorists such as Jean Piaget and Erick Erickson have endeavored to organize child development into universal, predictable sequences of growth that typically occurs in most children. In this paper I will be discussing my life story from infancy to adolescence and intergrading the theorists, domains, models that I have learned in child development classes. May 18, 1992 little Asif was born in Dhaka Bangladesh. My mom was really excited to have her third child, but she was more excited that I was a boy. She wanted to know if I was a healthy baby. To decide if I was healthy babe the Apgar score By the age of two my family realized that I was really active baby. I would touch everything and anything that i saw interesting. I was curious about everything and my perceptual and motor skills were rapidly changing. When my mom told me how I was as a baby, I thought I was smart, but not really. All babies do this at that stage explained by Jean Piaget and her Piaget theory. Piaget believed that children are naturally curious and construct their understanding of the world. According to Piaget “assimilation occurs when new experiences are readily incorporated into a child’s existing theories”(p.g 162). Piaget also designates the first two of an infant 's life as the sensorimotor start. As an infant I was on Sensorimotor stage. This stage spans birth to two years, a period during which the infant progresses from simple reflex action for symbolic processing. The sensorimotor stage is the first of the four stages Piaget used to define cognitive development. So at the age of two I was busy discovering relationships between my body and the I was being more active and everything I did change. At this point of my life I was at the preparation stage. Preoperatinal stage, which spans at the ages of two to seven, is made by the child’s use of symbols to reresment object and events. Piaget believes “Throughout this period, preschool children became proficient at using common symbols, such as words gestures, maps, and models. But they are still limited compared to that of school” (p.g 165). As a toddler, I was also stubbornly clingy to my own way. I didn 't care what other people said or did if it didn’t go my way then I throw a tantrum. My parents told me that I loved oranges and banana. But if there wasn’t any banana or specially oranges then I would cry for hours or get myself dirty. I made it hard for anybody that try to talk to, be became I only saw my view, rather than someone else. At this point of my life I was at the preparation stage. This would refer to me as egocentrism. Egocentrism refers to young children’s difficulty in seeing the world from another’s

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