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There was a gentle hush all along Nakanoshima. All of the shops and high rise buildings had their shutters rolled down creating shadowy, silent walls. Darkness. A lonely orphaned boy stood outside the Kansai Electric Power Company building. At exactly 11:30pm, scheduled precisely of course, the top of the building lit up, glowing like a light bulb. Its radiance was mesmerising, illuminating the pitch-black Osaka night sky. Takayuki hugged his loose tattered clothing closer to his bony frame, and with weathered hands, prised open an unlocked window. Clambering inside, he traced his hands across the unfamiliar walls, searching in the darkness… Click! At last he could appreciate the surroundings. Magnificent white marble pillars arched upwards further than the eye could see, melding seamlessly against the creamy ivory coloured walls. Spying the elevator, Takayuki began to stride forward, the heels of his shoes click-clacking against the polished floors. He pushed the red button and the polished metal doors instantly opened, welcoming him inside. Takayuki needed to get to the top floor. Urgently, he jabbed at button “F25”. The elevator began to steadily rise, its monotonous hum lulling Takayuki into a trance whilst the rest of city slept. Floor 1..Floor 2…Floor 3……Floor…………………………… “Time of Death: fourteen hundred hours.” Takayuki watched helplessly from outside the surgery. Anguished. Relentlessly he beat against the cold steel door. Why did you have to leave me? Bursting into tears, the orphan’s body began to spasm violently with each powerful sob. The surgeons looked on helplessly… Scenario 1: A powerful earthquake tore through the city. Takayuki was violently thrown against the walls of the elevator, eventually resting l... ... middle of paper ... ...owerful beam of light that spread out in ever-widening circles. However, as the magnificent light created a beautiful chiaroscuro with the darkness Takayuki was mesmerised and he embraced its warmth and resilience. He was blissfully unaware of the chaos below, content to simply lean against the walls and, breathlessly, continue to admire its unmatched magnificence. This moment would be cherished forever. Takayuki stared up into the heavens before slowly drifting off into a peaceful slumber. A gigantic shadow was projected against nearby buildings causing several onlookers to take notice of a tiny boy all alone on the top of the Kansai Power Company building. Naturally, they began to panic until a helicopter was called. Gently and tenderly, Takayuki was undisturbed, carefully bundled between sheets by experienced hands and airlifted away. Better? Much better.
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