Chemical Bonding Essay Question

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Bonds are the attraction between atoms involving the transferring and sharing of valence electrons to achieve stability and complete its valence shell. With these interactions of molecules, which are formed by bonds, properties of life emerge. Bonds vary in type, with each having their own specific properties, effects and strengths. These varying types of bonds consist of: covalent, ionic and hydrogen. A covalent bond is the chemical bonding in which the attractive force between atoms is created by the sharing of electrons, resulting in the formation of a cell's molecules and is categorized into two subtypes, non-polar and polar. While a non-polar covalent bond involves the equal sharing of electrons resulting in a small or lack of change in electro negativity, the polar covalent bond shares electrons unequally resulting in a moderate change in electronegavity. The little and moderate change of electronegativity by covalent bonding forms strong bonds between the atoms. To exist, all living organisms required strong bonds to provide the stability of structure. N-H, or nitrogen to h...

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