Charlie Gordon Flowers For Algernon Analysis

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In the short story, “Flowers for Algernon,” a 37-year-old named Charlie Gordon has a learning disability and, because of this, his spelling and grammar in his writing often included mistakes. He had a surgery to make him more intelligent, which made his IQ go from a 68 to 204. After that, his intelligence starts decreasing, and he is back to where he began. Charlie was better off before the surgery with his personality, emotional state, and his overall motivation. Personality wise, Charlie is very kind and open to other people before the surgery. For example, whenever he was taking a Rorschach test, he did not understand what he was supposed to do. The person testing him was disappointed because of this. Charlie had them said, “I told him it was a very nice inkblot with littel (little) points all around the eges (edges). He looked very sad so that wasn’t it.” (Keyes 285) He trys to cheer him up, but does not know how. After the surgery, he often shut people out. Charlie says, “I wouldn’t open the door and I told him to go away. I want to be left to myself. I have become touchy and irritable. I feel the darkness closing in.” (Keyes 302) He does not enjoy being social afterwards. …show more content…

He was happy, optimistic, and very nice to others. He was thrilled to have the operation to make him smarter, so, in a progress report, he wrote, “Their (they’re) going to use me! I’m so excited I can hardly write.” This demonstrates how ecstatic Charlie was for his surgery, and how he was like this in many other aspects of his life. The surgery, however, had resulted in many changes in his life, including his emotional state. He often felt upset and became easily agitated. After the surgery, he says, “I can feel the darkness closing in. It’s hard to throw off thoughts of suicide.” (Keyes 302) The way he feels about his life and himself had changed drastically

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