Characters Of The Novel ' Great Book ' By Harry Potter And The Philosopher 's Stone

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Simply created from pieces of paper, ink, and one 's imagination, books have transformed a person 's daily routines. All books can be broken down into these three basic ingredients but they are set apart by a few items. These small details separate a phenomenal book from a plain novel. A great book is not a work of luck but rather, of skill. A great book has relatable characters, develops an emotional connection to the reader, and features an unpredictable plotline. Characters are often a figment of the author 's imagination. In order for any media to be appealing to the average person, characters must be relatable. There are many types of characters in a novel, such as a main character vs. a supporting character, a protagonist vs. an antagonist, and a dynamic character vs. a static character. In order for a book to be great, these characters must have a background or some detail of their past history that relates to the book 's audience. For instance, Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone, the first few chapters were devoted to introducing the protagonist and antagonist 's backgrounds and their past history in a way that appealed to the preteen age group. With this, the author could build on these characters and have them act certain ways to further the story. Often, when readers get drawn to the story, they have already developed a favourite character and a character they may detest. This makes the book great to them because they feel as if they are a part of the story. For example, in the Hunger Games, many females felt they could relate to Katniss at some points of the story and developed an emotional connection to the plot. Books that tug at the emotions are often the books most read. This is attributed to the fact that... ... middle of paper ... ... characters are often the building block for the storyline. Developed characters are the soldiers of creating an emotional attachment. Readers with emotional ties to the book can be manipulated easily to be surprised. Twists and turns in the novel allow for the book to be great. Thus, to make a book great, it must have relatable characters, develop an emotional connection to the reader, and feature an unpredictable plotline. These characteristics keep the reader 's attention throughout the novel carrying them through the roller coaster of the characters ' lives. Writers who can balance and organize their words into this beautiful, addicting structure are often the ones with best-selling books as these books are the most great. A great book cannot exist without the talent of the author and with a new generation, comes more authors, and hopefully, more great books.

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