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JK Rowling could have never imagined in 1990 when the thought of Harry Potter first appeared to her, how much this fictional character would capture the hearts of readers all over the world. Similarly, Tolkien’s Series The Lord of The Rings has had a resounding effect on its readers, some even going so far as to learn the Elven language that Tolkien himself created. Both of these fantasy works, though incredibly different, are very similar in regards to their Christian themes and underlying message they read. Probably more debatable by fans is whether or not the Harry Potter series is a Christian work, let alone if it even carries Christian themes and undertones. Many within both the evangelical and non-religious world seem to be offended at such a thought as this. Half offended that the story of the gospel could be hidden within the confines of a book of witchcraft, the other half offended that a book of witchcraft and wizarding could carry a Christian message. Yet to Rowling herself the Christian themes seem to be quite obvious. Whatever party one may find stand in, it is clear the Harry Potter series is a Christian work, because of JK Rowling’s deliberate use of Gospel themes, biblical references, and biblically allegorical figures placed throughout the books.
When asking whether the Harry Potter series is a Christian work or not it is important to clarify what exactly the determining factors are that deem something a Christian work. This is difficult though because there are so many broad examples of Christian works and allegories that have been written and no direct outline to clarify which is which. What are evident in Rowling’s series though are the distinct Gospel themes portrayed. Ideas such as those who are weak slowly...

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...and Sacrificial love found in Harry Potter as well as the notions of Pity and Providence displayed in both series’ it is evident that these are Christian works of literature. This of course to both Tolkien and Rowling was never a question. Tolkien himself stated that although Lord of the Rings never explicitly utters the word God that this was a Catholic work. Similarly Rowling leads her readers into believing that she intentionally included the Gospel message in her writing of the Harry Potter series. Rowling and Tolkien are believers that it is through the writing of true fairy-stories that readers hearts begin to yearn for the true story that we are all called to live. The craving for kind of sacrificial love as seen in Harry Potter and by Sam-Wise in Lord of the Rings beckons readers to the true story of love that is waiting for all, the story of Jesus Christ.
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