Character of Seldon in The House of Mirth By Edith Wharton

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Character of Seldon “He declared himself entirely at her disposal: the adventure struck him as diverting. As a spectator, he had always enjoyed Lily Bart; and his course lay so far out of her orbit that it amused him to be drawn for a moment into the sudden intimacy which her proposal implied.” Source: The House of Mirth, By Edith Wharton It should be noted that the role of Selden is highly important because it is a stock role in the novel of manners, and therefore helps in clearing and highlighting the unspoken conversation between people. In the novel the construction of his character is such that he is the observer, the person who cannot marry. It is in this position of the observer, that an unbiased view is shown, and it is through his eyes that we are asked to interpret the society. This role of an observer is very much highlighted by the author, as Seldon’s home forms a private enclave that will not be interrupted and into which very few people are allowed. The novel shows, that Selden is a good friend of Lily, and therefore from time to time, stands to influence her. His char...
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