Character Analysis of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Character Analysis of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, each character is a unique and plays an important role in tying the story together. All characters are related to one another in their own special way. They overlap and interconnect their faith and destinies to make an outstanding plot and theme and turn Emily Bronte's novel to be a true masterpiece of World Literature. The most important character, which possesses the readers' attention throughout the whole story, is Heathcliff. His strong, charismatic, and bitter character combined with handsome appearance makes some sympathize with him, other to hate him, but certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. Overall, Heathcliff's life could not be considered happy and salutary in any sense. From early childhood a status of a gypsy orphan did not grant him any trumps in life, yet placed him into a disadvantageous position. He was very fortunate that Mr. Earnshaw was kind hearted and brought him to Wuthering Heights where he joined the family. From the first days of his presence at the Heights he encountered a multitude of both bad and good emotions. From one side it was the emerging conflict with Hindley, on the other hand the developing love with Catherine. After many years as Heathcliff was living at the Heights he grew up to be a passionate, somewhat uncivilized and uneducated young man, but with a strong will and a unique personage. As he grew up the childhood friendship with Catherine transformed into a sincere love that burned in their young hearts. He was so used and dedicated to her that his objective in life was to love he... ... middle of paper ... ...wood, who was a wealthy traveler and rented a room at the Grange, never took a part in the story and was only a spectator. When Nelly started telling him the story of the two families, he soon got extremely interested and could not let her go until she told him everything. He even visited Wuthering Heights and met some of the people from the story. The famous saying that from a true love to a great hatred is only a step, might sound illusionary, however, Bronte proves that to be very realistic. She shows how the treason of immense love might cause chaos, death and destruction. We see how the collision of the two extreme feelings of love and hate obliterate lives of the novel characters. When love is doomed, when faith is lost comes tremendous vengeance that overwhelms everything around, leaving no space for life.
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