Character Analysis: Vengeance Is Walking Salem

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When Proctor says, “Vengeance is walking Salem” (77), he mainly talks about how Abigail is taking this opportunity to attempt at getting rid of Elizabeth Proctor. By accusing Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft, Abigail sees a way to legally get rid of Mrs. Proctor. However, this doesn't only extend to Abigail's selfish needs. The witch trials have become a tool to eliminate enemies and competition. An example of this vengeance is Mrs. Putnam accusing Rebecca Nurse of witchcraft. Mrs. Putnam holds a grudge on Nurse because her babies died when Nurse was the midwife. As an act of revenge, Mrs. Putnam accuses Rebecca Nurse of witchcraft and tries to pay her back by taking her life through the legal system.

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  • Analyzes how proctor's "vengeance is walking salem" refers to how abigail sees a way to legally get rid of mrs.
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