Character Analysis Of Scott O 'Dell's Under The Waves'

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Explanation: The story Under the Waves theme is about embracing what make you unique from everyone else. I believe it is important for children to understand that they should not give up their unique interests because of what others think. The story also teaches that it is okay to be different and not follow the group. Many times you have to venture off on your own to discover an exciting adventure. The story Under the Waves is also related to one of my other creative writing assignment The Shy Little Turtle. Both stories share the same setting of a beach environment and both characters, Claire and the shy little turtle, share similar character traits. Both these characters are introverted and prefer not to follow the group. When the two characters meet up the shy little turtle brings Claire to an ocean kingdom to share his experience of the benefits of becoming less shy. In the ocean kingdom Claire will have an opportunity to enjoy the importance of being unique from everyone else. In the mermaid kingdom Claire will have experiences that none of the other merfolk will understand but they will all be interested in the unique stories she tells. This teaches that you just need to find a group of friends …show more content…

O’Dell’s book takes place on an island and he does an excellent job at describing the beach environment around the main character Karana. In The Island of the Blue Dolphins Karana is alone on the island and has a fear of meeting the tribe the Aleuts due to past encounters of them with her tribe. At first Karana hides from them, but throughout the novel she overcomes her fear. By the end of the novel she approaches the next ship that comes to the island and leaves with them. Karana overcame her fear by the end of the novel and learns to forgive her enemies. This story inspired me to write my short story and to have a character overcome their fear of being

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