Character Analysis Of Homer's Heros And Aeneas

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Aeneas is portrayed as a hero from Virgil because of his warrior like attributes which will lead his people to safety. He established order in he and his people’s lives in being the founder of the new Trojan state. He is the epitome of the Romans virtues as he is an obedient servant of fate and gods, leader of his people, and shows great devotion to his family.
In Aeneas’s role as a loyal servant of fate and of the gods, he is “a man apart, devoted to his mission, a dedicated man”. He faces adversity without ever losing faith in the will of fate like when his faith was reinforced seeing dido’s hard work in the temple built for Juno.
There’s a difference between Homer’s hero’s and Aeneas as a heroic character. In Homer’s Epic the Odyssey I
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He and his group of survivors stay in Carthage for a while till Mercury comes down and orders him to get his goal in finding a new city. He listens to Mercury and must tell Dido that he is leaving even after becoming a couple which sends her insane and kills herself.
On the move again the Trojans land in Sicily where they hold contests in Aeneas’s father’s honor. Juno convinces the Trojan women to burn up their ships to stop this exploration. Aeneas overcomes and sails to from place to place encountering many different obstacles and ending up in Latium. Aeneas is offered to marry Latinus’s daughter with the other option being Turnus. Juno sees this and sends a wrath of rage down to Turnus and his mother where she then tricks Ascanius a supporter and fellow Trojan to shot a stag that’s being kept as a pet to the king which then provokes a war.
The Trojans and Italians choose allies to help fight off one another and Aeneas dream of an alliance with Arcadian King Evander. Evander lends him troops including his own son, Pallas, who gives directions to join with the Etruscans. Venus meets Aeneas to give him armor made from the god Vulcan which is decorated with drawings from future
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Two days later Aeneas joins back up with his Trojan warriors with help from both Arcadian and Etruscan allies. A bloody battle purses the following day with the death of Pallas and other soldiers from both sides. A truce is agreed upon for 12 days to bury and mourn the loss of fallen comrades, but is broken only 3 days ensuing a battle that leads to the death of Queen Camilla who allied with Turnus.
Turnus proposes that he and Aeneas fight one-on-one for Lavinia and ruler of the kingdom. Although Aeneas accepts, Juturna who is Turnus’s sister provokes an Italian soldier to throw a spear at the Trojans which ensues in another battle. Both Aeneas and Turnus come head-to-head as Aeneas wounds him with his trusted spear. Turnus begs the Trojans for mercy; with Aeneas considering it, he sees Turnus is wearing the belt of the lately deceased Pallas. Aeneas is enraged with anger and impales Turnus with his sword winning the battle. Aeneas leads the Trojans extremely well with the help of his gods. I believe he is a far better heroic character than in Homer’s epics which the fact that he never backs down and never disguises himself. Throughout the Aeneid, Aeneas is seen as a sensitive and compassionate man who will help and fight for the better man. His sympathy he shows towards his people and allies shows he is a true

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