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In the book Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1642 Boston, Massachusetts, Hester Prynne has become a women to be respected. Hester Prynne was a mother of a child who was conceived as to be a “sin”. Pearl, Hester 's child was conceived while Hester 's husband was away.This exposed Hester for committing adultery, therefore that 's how she obtained the “A” for life.The “A” stands for adultery which is the Scarlet Letter .Hester has provided many examples of why she should be respected such as; her integrity,coming forth with her sins, and her inner strength as a character.

Hester Prynne has a lot of integrity to her character. In the book she shows that kindness is the best way to handle the situations that she is in. Hester knows that she has been deserted from her community,but she gives the energy that she had left to do good for others.Hester feels as if she has to
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Yet, everyone her community treats her ghastly, but the townspeople need her for her stitching work.“Her handiwork became what would now be termed the fashion”(76). Not a soul showed gratifications for what she could do. Hester should be highly respected thru all of her effort into enhancing herself ,and making the people around her a better as well. Hester has been through tremendous struggles thru this book. From being alone in her journey with Pearl to being “shunned” from her town. She demonstrates her inner strength in many ways from standing alone to always looking for the positives. She also displays her integrity by showing her kindness to the townspeople when they have treated her horrendously.She also shows strength by coming forth with her sins and letting everyone know that she committed adultery and she yet again faces the wrath of the townspeople.Hester all and all has made herself a woman to be

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