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Changes In Women’s Soccer The sport of soccer has overcome many changes through the years. In particular, women’s soccer compared to men’s soccer has gained much notoriety. The widespread knowledge of soccer has spread throughout numerous countries. Soccer began as primarily a men’s sport, but today soccer is considered a sport that both genders participate in. Women’s soccer has changed dramatically over the years with the increase in popularity as well as new style and rules of the game. Back in the history of soccer, women participated in the "mob" games which were often played by a large number of people around neighboring villages. "When I started refereeing, girls teams were only 25% of the sport while now approximately half the players …show more content…

"In many ways, the creation and growth of women’s soccer in the US was a process of assembling the components. College soccer, the youth programs, amateur clubs, the national team, tournament success, the US Open Cup, farm clubs and finally a professional league. But once it was done (and at an amazingly quick pace at that), the US had gone from a latecomer to the premier women’s soccer program in the world, and is a spearhead that inspires the growth of the women’s game throughout the rest of the world" (Women's 69). The first women's soccer league in the United States wasn't established until 1995. Women's first professional league in the United States was developed in 2001. As women’s soccer became more popular, the style of clothing dramatically changed. Women's soccer used to be played in whatever clothes they wanted. There was a photo that was taken in 1869 of women playing soccer in their dresses. Today, women's soccer has uniforms that they wear for every game. "The four British associations agreed on a uniform code and formed the International Football Association Board" (There …show more content…

"The 1902 decision to award penalties for fouls committed in an area 18 yards from the goal line and 44 yards wide, created both the penalty box and penalty spot. Another box 'goal area', commonly called the 'six-yard-box', six yards long and 20 wide, replaced a semi circle in the goalmouth. However it was not for another 35 years that the final piece of the jigsaw, the 'D' shape at the edge of the penalty area" (Football 11). "Penalties, of course, had to be awarded by someone and following a proposal from the Irish Association, the referee was allowed on to the field of play. True to its gentlemanly beginnings, disputes were originally settled by the two team captains, but, as the stakes grew, so did the number of complaints" (Football 7). The penalty kick was introduced in 1891 which used to be called the "kick of death." A penalty kick is a person is fouled in their opponent's box. Once the foul is called, the team who received the foul is allowed a free shot at on their opponents goal 12 yards away. In 1872 the corner kick was introduced. A corner kick happens when a team has the ball on their opponents half of the field and then their opponent kicks the ball out anywhere from the two corner kick positions on that side and perimeter beside the goal. In 1869 goal kicks were introduced. A goal kick happens when the opposing team kicks the ball out on their opponent's side where the goal is. If the ball goes out from

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the sport of soccer has overcome many changes through the years. women's soccer is considered a sport that both genders participate in.
  • Explains that women's soccer was limited to gym classes, random pickup games, and intramural college tournaments. the craig club girls soccer league was established in 1951.
  • Explains that the creation and growth of women's soccer in the us was a process of assembling the components.
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