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Every day, teens across America face a plethora of issues, some more obvious than others. Now, just because a problem is not well-known does not mean it is any less potent than the widely publicized issues most teens are familiar with. In fact, hidden problems are often more dangerous than those that are widely known. Amongst the ranks of the obscure issues is the censorship of books, the Internet and speech in schools; a problem that effects a large majority of the student body, often unknowingly to the students. In recent years, countless books have been removed from school libraries, an innumerable amount of websites have been blocked by school officials, and social sharing websites are regularly monitored for any activity the school deems inappropriate, even if the activity was posted before or after school. The unfortunate result of this widespread censorship is the number of ideas that are suppressed in the name of education and the subtle, negative social conditioning that occurs in schools as well. School administrations’ overuse of censorship on literature, the Internet and speech, both in and out of school, creates an authoritarian environment in which teenagers are conditioned into accepting a society where freedom of speech is suppressed, people are unable to stand up for their beliefs, where particular topics are banned for their content; this is a growing crisis that has alarmed many American intellectuals who believe the only remedy for this predicament is to make teenagers more aware of the problem with censorship.
When it comes to school censorship, many people think about book banning. Indeed, book banning has always been a problem in schools and continues into modern times. As mentioned, book banning has been a...

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...eing done about it. It remains a problem with an elusive solution as books, the Internet and speech are being censored on a regular basis. Consequently, students become conditioned into accepting a society full of censorship and a lack of ideas. As the number of censorship cases continue to rise in the United States, many people are beginning to wonder about the outcomes of these cases and their impact on society as a whole, not just the schools and the students who learn there. Yet, teens still remain reluctant to challenge the authority the school has on their lives, both in and out of school. If teens began to actively take part in reducing the excessive amount of censorship in schools, then perhaps this serious problem will be resolved. Then teens will finally have access to the abundance of ideas and knowledge currently off limits to them by the school boards

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