The Impact Of Globalization On American Culture

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According to our class discussion culture is a shared way of life with material land non-material components that are shared through customs and behavior. Culture is not static people shape and change culture. A culture can change through many ways but this paper is going to focus on two three specific ways global businesses, immigration and media. The term globalization can be worrisome for many as they fear the changes the country is making. Nevertheless globalization does not have to be detrimental to our culture in fact I argue that in some way globalization improves American culture. Starting with global business. One concern that many Americans face when it comes to globalization is outsourcing. Outsourcing is when a company takes…show more content…
On the other end of the job spectrum, immigrants take the jobs that Americans don’t want. If they don’t take jobs in the high-tech sector, most immigrants work in less desirable areas like as construction workers, janitors and truck drivers. As we discussed in class, we as society need poverty. Durkham would agree that if we want to maintain stability, order, and conformity, we need a structure where the positives outweigh the negatives and immigrants who will help make sure jobs get done are part of that system. Immigrants do change the culture of America, but they change it for the…show more content…
The biggest Concern regarding culture is that globalization contributes to the loss of culture. As western culture is imposed on the rest of the world there is less diversity and we become more homogeneous, meaning be become more like one big culture. Take any of the big companies for example, Apple, McDonalds, or Starbucks you can find then in an increasing number of countries. This homogeneous culture though does not have to be a terrible thing furthermore, Mark Pagel argues that is a valuable thing. According to Pagel globalization helps culture because “it increases our sense of togetherness via the sense of a shared culture. In fact, breaking down of cultural barriers – unfashionable as this can sound – is probably one of the few things that societies can do to increase harmony among ever more heterogeneous peoples.” Palgel is right, we like know we have a connection to other people, we like knowing that the things we enjoy and the things they enjoy are the same. A few years ago, I went on a mission trip to Peru and as scary as it was to be outside of the country with only the support of my fellow peers- who were also quite nervous about the endeavor- it was comforting to see familiar restaurants like KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and Papa Johns. Even some of the school children we met were familiar with the same social medias like Facebook, and Instagram. I recall sing
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