Causes Of Migration In Belize

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t was as if only yesterday I said goodbye to my dearest grandmother leaving to the United States that I unambiguously reflected that this was the end of a Belizean. Good morning students and teacher. It is with great honor that I stand in front of a public in presenting the theme of migration with emphasis on the reasons why Belize 's population determines to leave the melting pot of the Caribbean, Belize. This ideology is called migration, which is the process of moving from one country, place, or locality to another. Even Belize being in the heart of Central America is devastatingly being affected by migration either directly or indirectly or to some extremes even both. Therefore, it is not rare that the basis for leaving Belize is due…show more content…
Living so close to United States definitely influences our daily lives by the “Western Style”. People are in constant search of a better standard of living. They leave Belize in search of better paid jobs whereby it can be easier to sustain their family. Uneducated Belizeans earn an average of $900 per month compared to the United States whereby U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(2011) states that Americans earned around $1,600 per month. Let’s break this $900 down into real spending: $400 for rent or a small mortgage; $400 for food and other household necessities for a family of four. That means the average family only has $100 to pay their utility bill, send their children to school, pay for transportation, deal with medical issues, and save. Furthermore, Belizean citizens are seeking for better educational opportunities in order to become successful and acquire the desire degree which Belize lacks. The United States has more institutions of higher learning than any other country in the world. Most American colleges and universities offer top-notch education programs with highly qualified teaching staff. Fortunately, colleges and universities in America are given professional accreditation by different governing bodies. There are thousands of US schools that offer credentials recognized in almost every corner of the world. Also, Belizeans want to be better off in life by having the technological advancement other countries like the US have- bandwagon effect. For over 20 years US Technologies has been providing the highest quality electronics design, manufacturing, engineering, testing, repair and refurbishment services. As Design and Manufacturing experts, working closely with the customer, we

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