Catfish Pros And Cons

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What are the pro and con of government intervention in this case? The back ground of the Catfish dispute case presented cites the international trade agreement in placed where United States (US) allowed Vietnam to import frozen catfish into its border, later became concerning for the US domestic Catfish Farmers of America (CFA) through filed charges with the Trade and the US Department of Commerce that alleged that lower quality fish commodities where branded as authentic catfish mainly found in the southern states of the US (WTO, 2017). Therefore, Federal Drug Administration (FDA) insist that the distinction be made and also include labeling of products/goods with origin, as well. In as much, the US Senate and other authoritative officials agreed to support the catfish farmers, who felt threaten due to the flooding of the market with cheap fish, yielding the farmers inabilities to compete on domestic grounds. On the other hand, opponents cite that US continues to fail at marketing its product to a more broader audience, outside of the 9 southern states currently purchasing …show more content…

- Ensuring the quality of import goods by upholding regulated standards, especially where health risk concerns are at the forefront (i.e., bottom dwellers) (Carter, 2001). - Leveling the competitive grounds for the domestic farmers – branded as authentic catfish - Educating consumers by FDA labeling origin, and species of fish imported and sold to US consumers. - Ensuring sustained available future resources through research and development and innovative improvements.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the importance of educating consumers by fda labeling origin, and species of fish imported and sold to us consumers.
  • Analyzes the back ground of the catfish dispute case presented citing the international trade agreement in place where united states allowed vietnam to import frozen catfish into its border.
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