Catcher In The Rye

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"The Catcher in the Rye" is a story of a young sixteen year old boy named Holden Caulfield. Holden is telling this story in first person. Holden is a student of Pency Prep an all boys school in Pennsylvania. The book starts in a rest home in California. Holden flashback to four days before the beginning of Christmas vacation. Holden is going to pay a visit to Mr. Spencer, his history teacher. Mr.Spencer is sick in bed suffering from the grippe. While there Mr.Spencer talks to Holden about his poor grade on his last examination paper.

That Saturday Holden and his friend Mal Brossard, who is on the wrestling team , go to see a movie. They invite Ackley out of sympathy because he never does anything Saturday night. After the boys finnish playing pinball. Holden goes back to his room to write a composition for his roommate Stradler. When Stradler comes back from his date with Jane Grallagher, a girl that Holden has a crush on, he doesn't like the composition. Holden and Stradler argue, then Holden punishes Stradler. Holden loses the fight. Holden goes to Ackleys room to talk, but Ackley doesn't want to talk so Holden leaves to look for Mal Bossard. Holden starts to pack his bags after he decids not to look for Borssard. He walks to the train station because it is too late for a taxi. While there he cleans off the blood from the fight with some snow. He catches a train to New York. On the train he meets a woman who is the mother of one of his classmates. Holden is attracted to the women so he starts to lie about himself. When he arrives in New York he get a room in the Edmont Hotel. Holden is thinking of staying in the hotel until Wednesday when he can go home.

It is still Saturday night and Holden is bored so he goes to the club in the hotel. The waiter will not serve him alcohol. At the next table there are three women who are giggling at him. Holden asks the ladies to dance. Holden find out that the ladies are from Seattle, Washington. After the ladies leave the club Holden gets bored because there are no drinks are and no girls, so he leave. In the lobby he sits down in a chair and thinks about Jane Gallagher.

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