Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

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My philosophy of nursing incorporates knowledge, compassion, competence, and respect for each patient. It is based on my personal and professional experiences, both of which have helped me to positively contribute to a patient’s recovery and wellness. These are the attributes that give me a sense of pride and strengthen my commitment to the nursing profession. This paper explores my values and beliefs relating to a patient’s care, as well as, the responsibilities of health professionals.
My nursing philosophy integrates the fundamental concepts of nursing, people, environment, health and care taking. The people are the patients encountered on a daily basis. Every patient should be informed and made aware of the existence of a healthcare problem.
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This can be an internal and/or external environment. The internal environment is vital to healing, because the patients’ thoughts, emotions, and spirits have a direct effect on their bodies, their choices, and their relationships (Sakallaris, MacAllister, Voss, Smith, & Jonas, 2015). It is imperative that nurses understand and be aware of the connectivity between mind, body, and spirit, as well as its importance in promoting the healing process. The external environment creates a positive physical environment that cohesively supports the mind, body, and spirit to find peace, rest, and vitality (Sakallaris, MacAllister, Voss, Smith, & Jonas, 2015). Nurses should make every effort to create an environment that will aid in alleviating stress or preventing harm as well as a supportive space for proper recovery and healing to occur. Families and communities are another example of the external environment. A community support system can be extremely helpful in improving patient care and managing healthcare costs. Communities can help prevent health problems from happening or re-occurring by implementing educational programs, developing policies, and administering services. It is paramount that a patient to be in an environment that is conducive to his or her…show more content…
She was criticized by many people; nevertheless she forged onward and remained committed to helping the soldiers. Nightingale understood the psychological connection to healing and actually believed that nurses should always speak up when things was unacceptable or inadequate (Steele, 2017). The same values and beliefs that Nightingale displayed is the reason I continue to practice nursing. Nursing provides me with countless opportunities to deliver excellent, administer effective healthcare, and promote well-being among each of my patients. I take pride in being an advocate for patients who depend on my medical knowledge and critical thinking to provide the best treatment
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