Case Study: Fraction Friction

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Fraction Friction is the title of this series of lesson designed for year seven students. It will build on previous basic knowledge of fractions and consider more advanced thinking including algebraic thinking and computation. Fractions have always represented considerable challenges for students and a lack of understanding is then translated into difficulties with fraction computation, decimals and percentage concepts and the use of fractions in other areas especially algebra. (NMP, 2008) as cited in Van De Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams 2010. These lessons are designed to further enhance students understanding of fractions and how they can be compared and adjusted to use in mathematical practice. The students will have the opportunity
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While some students maybe at the remembering, understanding and applying stages others will need tasks that require analysis, evaluation and creativity. The activity in lesson three of building a bridge is designed so that all students will be able to succeed however, those students with a greater understanding of how related fractions work will be able to extend the length of the bridge by using more complex relationships, based on Williams Cognitive-Affective model (Vialle & Rogers, 2013) these students will demonstrate risk-taking and curiosity, and imagination in their thought process and application of the task. While those with less understanding will more than likely go for a simpler version of the relationships of fractions and will produce a final product that is based on their limited understanding of the concept. While the groups should be mixed in levels of ability that does not mean that one group of students should be disadvantaged in the support of another group. If less able students are placed with more talented students there is a risk that the more able student will do the majority of the thinking and the other student will just agree and have little input into the thinking

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