Case Study : A Bully 's Threat

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Case Study #3 – A Bully’s Threat Problem Framing Question 1 I would follow what Principal Milhoviak did, which is contact my discipline team and get their points of view. Prior to that, I would need to understand the main problem. It sounded like he did that by talking with the sister and getting her story. This is the first step, understanding the situation. The next step is formulating a solution on how to handle the situation. This is where getting other people involved was a great idea. Principals know they cannot do it alone so they need to have a team, especially in these types of situations. The problem was that team offered many suggestions. As a principal I would listen to all of them and also refer to the school handbook. In this case, since the student is not in his fourth period, I would call for the brother and sister back to the office until parents are reached. As a principal the priority is finding the student who made the threat and keeping the victims safe until parents are reached and the team decides what to do next. Question 2 What racial, social, and economic characteristics of the community and school district are relevant to the problem described in the case? I do not think any racial, social, or economic characteristics are of relevance in the problem. This case of bullying can happen in any school, regardless of social or economic characteristic. Now, I do think that how disciplines are handled does have an influenced on the racial, social, and economic characteristics of the school. Usually schools that have more funding for counselors, social services and staff that can focus more on discipline are in better areas. Inner city schools tend to have more police officers than counselors, therefore disciplin... ... middle of paper ... ...nd update teachers on when they can allow students to leave the classrooms. Teachers will not switch classes until further notice. Question 10 To what extent is Principal Malhoviak’s most recent performance evaluation relevant to this case? Principal Malhoviak should not worry about his evaluation. His priority is to ensure the safety of his school. The superintendent should understand that some situations are out of the hand of the principal. It is better to focus on the situation, find Carl, contact the parents, and continue with disciplinary steps after the situation is evaluated with his committee. He could also ask the superintendent what steps he should take once he finds more information in regards to the current situation. Reference Kowalski, T. J. (2012). Case Studies On Educational Administration. 6th Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson
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