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Caribbean Nights Review There’s no doubt that the Caribbean is absolutely astonishing. Few places in this world can match the level of exoticness found here, which is why it makes sense that OpenBet would decide to use this as basis for it’s next game. This game’s name is Caribbean Nights, and it certainly has a lot to live up to. The Caribbean is certainly a common slot game theme, as players seem unable to resist the allure of the hot, beating sun. Taking this premise and kicking it up a notch, OpenBet is going big with Caribbean Nights, but can it deliver where it matters most, or is it just going to get washed up by the shore? Let’s find out! Say “Hello” to the Caribbean Design wise, Caribbean Nights is about as beautiful as you’d …show more content…

First we have the Caribbean symbol, then we have the helicopters symbol, with the airplanes, the cruise ships, the Rastafarian, and of course, the Jamaican flag making up the rest. Every time you get a combination on the reels the symbols will start glowing up, which makes it easier to notice a big win when it falls your …show more content…

You will also get double the amount of winnings every time you use it. You can also swap the helicopter with the biplane and vice versa any time you want. The scatter in this game is represented by the drink symbol. This symbol can give you up to 25 free spins, if you can get a combination of five scatters at the same time anywhere on the screen that is. If you get another set of free spins during these free spins, then you will be able to spin a lot more than before, without worrying about having part with a penny of your own money. Around the world and back again What drives Caribbean Nights forward as a game is its sunny and upbeat nature, with that in mind, players will likely find that they’ll want to play other games with a similar all round vibe. Doing the legwork and finding you those very games, we’ve pick out to titles in particular that will have you lapping up a tan before you know

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