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Everyday, while people are living their comfortable lives, animals are getting closer and closer to being wiped out. Animals live in fear of poaching, habitat destruction, and many more dangers that people could help control. People may have the ability to stop these issues but few care, they would rather sit back and watch as millions of animals die each year. Zoos are taking the lead in conserving endangered animals by acting as sanctuaries and giving animals the protection they lack in the wild (“Zoo”). Without the help of zoos many more species will disappear never to be seen again. Zoos are not only important to the animals held captive but to future wildlife as well because they give animals a safe place to live and help prevent extinction.

Zoos provide protection and comfort animals need to thrive. For the animals comfort, zoos have started to build exhibits as similar as possible to the animals’ natural habitat (“Zoos”).These natural exhibits stimulate the animals, which allows for more natural behavior. The animals’ natural behaviors and comfortable exhibits allow the public to observe and learn from these interesting animals, while the animals live a life of luxury that would not be possible in the wild. Animals are fed, cleaned, and monitored by their keepers (“Zoo”). In the wild, animals struggle every day just to fill their empty stomachs. However, in captivity, animals do not have to worry about when they will get their next meal because zoo keepers are there providing them with everything they need to live long happy lives. Twins are common among pandas, but in the wild, the mother would not be capable of caring for both, so one would eventually die; however, in captivity, scientists can take care of one cub whil...

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...s are trying to conserve the world’s extraordinary animals so that people will never have to answer this unsettling question.

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