Capital Punishment in America

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Prior to the nineteenth century, if a criminal was convicted of an offense that was deemed punishable by death, the execution was held publicly in hopes to deter other citizens from committing crimes. Today executions are announced to the public but not viewed. The research provided in this document will show evidence to suggest whether capital punishment is or should be used as a method of preventing or lowering homicide rates in the United States. Do states with a death penalty have lower homicide rates? The state of Texas has executed 510 people from 1982-2014 out of more than 1,300 executions nationwide since 1977. In 2013 sixteen executions were carried out which was a slight increase the fifteen executions that took place in the year 2012. Texas accounted for forty two percent of U.S. executions in 2013 and twice as many as any other state in the United States. By the end of 2013 there were two hundred seventy four people on death row in Texas. Nine of which were women. This is the lowest that the death row population has been since 1989 according to research by TCAPD. Since 1973, twelve individuals in Texas have been released due to evidence of their wrongful convictions. There have also been at least three investigations into whether Texas had wrongfully executed innocent inmates. New death sentences in Texas have dropped more than seventy five percent since 2002. In 2010 and 2011, new death sentences reached a historic low, when eight people were sentenced to death statewide. In 2012 and 2013 nine new death sentences were imposed. According to FBI data states that maintain the death penalty traditionally have higher murder rates that states that do not impose capital punishment. After a stat... ... middle of paper ... ...ildren more and there is no length that I would not go to that would avenge them. I would die for my children and in the same breath I would also take life from anyone that would dare to take it from them. I eat, sleep and breath my children. There is no other title in my life that I hold higher than being their mother. I believe in heaven and hell as well and I know that I would have to face the lord and I would have to explain why I took the life of one of his children and I believe that I would be sent to hell for it, but my children would be safe from any further harm in the kingdom of heaven. There are evil people in this world and there is nothing that I can do to make them good. For now all that I can do is teach my children the dangers that this world brings and pray that they make good decisions when interacting with the population that inhabits it.
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