Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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Life is one of the few things that is truly precious in our lives, and the justification of taking one’s away for committing a heinous act seems just impertinent. In society today, there are those who will follow the rules, and those who go against all of our morals and commit crimes such as murder. While the idea of an eye for an eye may seem solid at the surface, when you actually look into the numbers it becomes almost useless. So the proper punishment that those individuals should receive is not what they have already given to others. Capital punishment needs to be abolished in today’s day and age due to the astronomical cost, an inconsistent justice system, and the idea of committing murder on those who have already committed it. While many argue a certain way over capital punishment, not everyone knows what it is, or the requirements to be punished in such a way. By definition, capital punishment is a government sanctioned punishment by death. For someone to be eligible to suffer such a fate, they would have to commit an act that most of us would deem insane to do. To be noted though, the crimes will vary depending on the state one is in, and some states have the penalty abolished as a whole. As of early 2016, there are only 31 states that still practice the death penalty (Pros). One main reason to get rid of the death penalty is because of the high cost. A lot of the studies done with the death penalty and cost related figures have been done in California, and one Californian group found out that if the state abolished the death penalty, they would save upwards of 90 million dollars a year (Tempest). That same group, The Los Angeles Times, also found a few more astonishing statistics about the cost involved with the deat... ... middle of paper ... ...dual who committed the crime in prison. One last problem that arises with capital punishment comes with the concept of it as a whole. If killing is illegal, then why should we as a society kill those who have killed? Sure, there are other crimes that fit under the umbrella of capital punishment, but if we are killing those who have killed, does that make us any better than them? It may be in the name of justice, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still killing someone. The line between life and death is a thin one we tread everyday throughout our lives. At any point, a random event could occur that takes the life of our loved ones or even ourselves. Does that justify us as a society taking the things we hold so precious? Also when take into account the cost and overall condition of the justice system, it just doesn’t make sense to take someone else’s life.
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