Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

For my Personal Research Study (PRS), I am going to research Capital

Punishment. Capital Punishment is about taking a life for a life(s).

For example if you commit a crime like Murder and you are convicted of

murdering someone you could end up being killed by "The Electric

Chair" or you could get an injection that will kill you. Capital

Punishment is an interesting topic because people have debated about

this subject for years.

The question I have chosen for my PRS is should Capital Punishment be


My hypothesis is Capital Punishment should be reintroduced for crimes

severe enough such as Mass Murder and Treason i.e. murdering a

Queen/King or President of a country. The topic I have chosen is part

of the Beliefs and Values unit that I have studied in Humanities. My

hypothesis is based on the Key Idea. Individuals and groups have

different beliefs, attitudes and values regarding cultural, moral,

political, religious, spiritual and social issues.

I will use a range of research methods to investigate my hypothesis.

For my secondary methods I will use books, the Internet and newspaper

articles. For my primary research I will design and distribute a

questionnaire to discover people's views on Capital Punishment.


I am a year 11 student at Aylward School. As part of my GCSE

Humanities course I am required to complete a Personal Research Study.

I would be great full therefore if you could complete the following


1. What age group are you in?


15-19 20-29 30+

2. Have you ever been a victim of a crime?


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Good for embarrassing subjects

No interviewer bias

The disadvantages of using a questionnaire are:

Low response rate

Difficult to go into depth

Never know if correct person answers

People may not be truthful

I have chosen not to use observation as one of my primary research

methods. I feel it is unsuitable for my PRS because it would be

impossible for me to observe Capital Punishment taking place or visit

Death Row and observe prisoners waiting for death. This wouldn't

benefit my study anyway.

I have also chosen not to use in-depth interviews because it takes a

long amount of time which I don't have, it doesn't have much use on

large amounts of people which I need for my PRS and the interviewer

may be biased towards the subject and would only follow up what they

think are important.

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