Canada is in favor of Peace

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Many countries resolve issues on the battlefield. Canada, however, is a very peaceful, neutral country, and they are very responsive towards all the conflicts they have. As a peacekeeping country, Canada has made significant contributions to assist other first nation countries to eliminate war torn countries and help toward establishing a more democratic world. Canada has contributed to world peace by joining the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission. Lieutenant-General Roméo Antonius Dallaire created Rwandan, to help stabilize Rwanda after the genocide that had occurred. They also joined NATO, which is a political, and military alliance that is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes.
During World War I, Canada got the perfect opportunity at the Battle of Vimy Ridge to establish them as a proper nation on the world platform. All four divisions were to be assembled to operate in combat as a corps. Although many years passed, and there was still a second war, Canada tried to help their allies and to bring back peace to the battlefield. After Germany and Japan surrendered in the second war, Canada joined the United Nation’s Peacekeeping organization to continue to bring harmony back to the world. By joining this group, Canada helped bring peace to many historical events. One of Canada’s first missions was UNEFI (United Nations Emergency Force). UNNEF I was established to secure and supervise the stop the conflicts, including the withdrawal of the armed forces of France, Israel and the United Kingdom from Egyptian territory and, after the withdrawal, to serve as a buffer between the Egyptian and Israeli forces. Similarly, there was another mission that took place in 2004 for the stabilization of Haiti called, MINUSTAH, this...

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