Can Money Buy Happiness?

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The popular question that has been around for all of time, Can money buy happiness? I was talking with a gentleman the other day at my work. He had stated that he had come over form Europe with only 200 dollars in his pocket and it is still there and he is so successful. I asked him “Are you serious?” and he said yes and you can do it too; this bugged me. This is why so many people come to America, right? Immigrants from all over insist on coming here because it’s the land of dreams and you can make millions…..NOT! We watch TV and listen to these people go on about how easy it is and we can all do it. Maybe, but it is stressful and horrible. No one ever questions if the rich people struggle or question their lives. Most studies show that rich people are happy, but equally to a poor or middle class person. However, most of these surveys are based off of selling something to that person. So these studies are not all that true. If you look rich people have higher taxes and very stressful jobs. Also, they have higher divorce rates as well. Bottom line is money can’t buy happiness nor does it mean that you are successful. Now don’t get me wrong, you might be happy for a brief period of time until reality sets in and all the extra stuff. This would explain why people who win the lottery for instance do not stay rich for long. People buy bigger houses but do not realize how much the property taxes are on that property and still do not have enough to pay that over the years. Same as why people on extreme home make over were never able to keep those homes that were built for them. Trying to keep up with the jones so to speak would be stressful for anyone. Rich people also have struggles with stereo types and even the way that they are t... ... middle of paper ... ... speak. Limit the television and electronics or even disconnect them. Television is one of the biggest down falls to our society. These shows show them the way or even the internet. Texting or instant messaging in code so parents can’t tell what they are saying, isn’t this where we go wrong? The wealthy have more access to the electronics and the television. Generally speaking those from poor family usually have no television or one. Whereas those of wealthy families grow up with one television in virtually every room and can watch whatever they want. No matter where we are or what we make at the end of the day, there seems to be added pressure. While poorer people may have to worry about some things, the wealthy have bigger problems with mental health and their kids. Being wealthy or having more money does not make you happy; it just adds pressure in worse areas.

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