Calfornia Gold Rush in San Francisco

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California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush one of the biggest events in the U.S History. The Gold Rush was when gold was found by James .W. Marshall in 1848 in San Francisco, California. When this happened, emotions sparked in San Francisco (main site for the Gold Rush). The word spread so quickly that people from all around the Unites States flooded into San Francisco and causing overpopulation(“California Gold Rush”). In 6 years during the Gold Rush, the population increased by almost 36,000 residents(“California Gold Rush”). Overpopulation set in, and it was a major problem. This problem increased murders, fires, robberies and overall just many crimes(“The California Gold Rush”). More people means more houses being taken, and a lot of the time people did have a place to sleep. This is the effect the California Gold Rush had on San Francisco.

The California Gold Rush was a popular event in the Unites States history. A big part of the Gold Rush was the overpopulation. There were so many people coming to San Francisco when the Gold was found. Only about 200 residents lived in San Francisco before the Gold was found by Marshall in 1848 (“California Gold Rush”).When they gold was found, the word spread extremely quickly. People heard about it and were quickly getting onto trains and on their way to San Francisco. Now previously it was said that there were about 200 residents in San Francisco in 1846, and then 2 years later, gold was found, thus starting the California Gold Rush. Four years after the Gold Rush in 1852, there were over 36,00 residents in San Francisco (“California Gold Rush”). It caused so much overpopulation, and it effected San Francisco in a huge way.

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...people, which caused a lot more crime. There was not enough for every person, people would have no money and have to sleep on the streets. Some could not buy food so they would steal or kill for it. Also, so much disease was spread around, which would cause deaths. Also other types of crimes were robberies, kidnappings and fires. Eventually people would just leave empty handed, which they had no dream of doing(“California Gold Rush”). There were many negatives to the gold rush, but also positives, like a better economy.

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