Bullying in Our Schools

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School is a place where we can feel safe and enjoy every second of our youth. It is a place we can learn to be ourselves and discover what life has to offer us. Unfortunately bulling is getting in the way of growing up, and it is becoming more and more apparent in our daily life. How does bulling change our life? How can we deal with this new type of violence? Theses are questions that go through every parents mind when they first send their child to school. But to answer these questions first we need to analyze all the aspects of bullying. Bullying has been going on since the beginning of times not only in school but also in our every day lives. Some thing change and now it is a major issue in our community, especially among our teenagers.

In today’s world, bullying is portrayed everywhere in the media. The big, scary, popular boy perusing the younger kids for their lunch money or the pretty and popular cheerleader how picks on the uglier girls. Even though this may, at one point, been the have been the reality, now it is nothing but a scene in a movie . Bullying is not as simple any more and that is why it became such a big issue. According to Milson and Gallo, there are tree types of bulling, physical, relational, and Verbal. Physical bullies use of violence to show power over others. These bullies will kick, punch, shove to induce fear and create respect. The retaliation bullies in the other hand, target one of their on group. (Milson and Gallo, 2006). The weaker kid in the group is singled out, and it is always the target of the group jokes. Finally we have the verbal bullying. These bullies uses of insults to torture the victims. While this is the most common type of bulling (Milson and Gallo, 2006), it is also...

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...hould they themselves intervene, should they go get help, or should they just do nothing and stay out of it? While adults may encourage kids to tell an authoritative figure, that isn’t always the response that the bystanders choose to make. These bystanders will always feel uncomfortable at the sight of bullying, however, they may not always necessarily make the correct decision about what to do in the situation. Bullying can oftentimes be prevented by telling an adult and it is vital for students who witness bullying to bring the situation to a responsible adult. Others can potentially be very hurt by bullying, making it essential to come forward with information. With all of these issues at stake, it is crucial for schools to crack down on bullying by using both different methods of prevention as well as increased support for children who have been bullied.
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