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Brooke Debeeld
There in the Nooksack gym, winter time, there is a girl named Brooke Debeeld; either shooting layins, practicing the triple threat, or playing defense. Or out in the fields during the spring time, she runs around the track, sprinting as if her life depended on it. Her blond hair flying away, as if the wind was made out of gold. Yet at the end of each sport, she drives herself home to her loving family. People would consider Brooke as just an athlete who works hard, but, others who know Brooke well know that there is more to her than just being a 3-sport athlete.
Brooke puts in a lot of time in more activities than just sports. She often does a lot of homework, especially math homework. "What I want to do when I graduate from High school is to become an accountant," says Miss Debeeld. "I find math as an enjoyable subject in school. And being an accountant, you get a lot of money to help yourself, and enough to feed a family." Being able to do math in school helps her enjoy school more. Besides …show more content…

"I enjoy racing because it enables me to adjust my mood. For example, when I run, I mentally train myself to think positive thoughts. When I play basketball, I do the same thing, but because basketball is more physical than track and CC, I train myself to think faster." Her reason for competing in these sports could be an inspiring idea for others to want to play sports. It makes Brooke a positive influence. And yet Colton Debeeld finds his sister a very impactful person. "I struggle with homework. But I'm glad I have my sister. She's often helped me a lot with my homework, especially with math." Of course, any kids can rely on older siblings for help. It is an impactful sight, and everyone wants to be impactful even to their own siblings. Brooke impacts people who want to work hard but there are a few challenges to face as an

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