Brief Analysis of Some Parts of Truman Capote´s In Cold Blood

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749 words

Pages 131-134: “Until Perry was five…I ever had, really sensitive and intelligent…” This passage when Capote begins to introduce Perry more in depth. From his childhood to later on in his life. Perry’s way of life as a child was a tough one, in which his mother put him in a “catholic orphanage. The one where the Black Widows were always at me. Hitting me. Because of wetting the bed…They hated me, too.” Capote’s use of short sentence syntax creates the effect of emphasizing the horrible and dramatic conditions Perry had to live with. Also, the nuns of the orphanage are described as “Black Widows,” a metaphor, to make it seem like it was truly terrible. The color black associates with death and when metaphorically used to describe a nun, it creates sympathy for Perry. Later in the passage, capote creates a short narrative of Perry’s experience in war. “Perry, one balmy evening in wartime 1945…” The storytelling helps understand more about Perry in the way he thinks and acts. The atmosphere of this passage is a sad mood. It talks about the terrible childhood and early life of Perry. It is clear that no one ever cared for Perry and it affected him dramatically. Pages 30-31 “The two young men had little in…the art contrived by Honolulu and Yokohama masters.” When first describing Dick and Perry, Capote describes dick as “an athlete constructed on a welterweight scale. The tattooed face of a cat, blue and grinning, covered his right hand…More markings…ornamented his arms and torso.” The metaphor comparing Dick to a welterweight athlete gives the perception that Dick is a mean looking guy. Basically, what a stereotypical criminal looks like; and that is exactly what Dick is. At the end of the passage, after describing Dick’s car colli... ... middle of paper ... ...ds the tree…And Jesus, I don’t know how to fight a snake.” Capote’s use of the metaphor comparing Perry to the tree. The dream clearly represents Perry’s struggle in life and how he wants to reach his goals, but finds it difficult to do so. Also, the imagery when describing the tree is magnificent. “It’s beautiful to look at—it has blue leaves and diamonds hanging everywhere. Diamonds like oranges.” The imagery combines with the metaphor that Perry wants to reach the diamonds, but is unable to because of something stopping him. In the passage, Perry also talks about another dream about a bird saving him from being beaten. “A warrior-angel who blinded the nuns with its beak, fed upon their eyes, slaughtered them as they ‘pleaded for mercy…’” This gruesome diction shows how what Perry was thinking on the inside. It reveals the crazy part of him. The psychopathic part.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how capote's use of short sentence syntax creates the effect of emphasizing the horrible and dramatic conditions perry had to live with.
  • Analyzes how capote compares dick to a welterweight athlete and creates sympathy for perry.
  • Analyzes how capote uses intriguing imagery to describe the scene in mexico city.
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