Brian Vulgamore: My Life And Success In Life

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Throughout my short life span I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for one of the most driven farming establishments in Kansas. The person leading the way? Brian Vulgamore. Brian has been in my life since I was a toddler. I personally believe without Brian in my life, I would not have the opportunity to attend college and pursue my dreams. A man of many attributes, he [Brian] has inspired me to seek the very best in life, and always strive for the greatest opportunities. Brian grew up on a family farm in Scott City, Kansas. He was always out on the field after schools and on the weekends. Not only did Brian attend Kansas State University, but he also had intentions of pursuing a medical degree. After high school,…show more content…
Yes, I could continue to work for the farm after college and live a mediocre life, but I desire so much more out of life. Brian, a graduate of Kansas State University and with a diversified knowledge in agriculture can attest to the wonderful College of Agriculture that Kansas State has to offer. Granted, a four-year University prices might be a bit steeper compared to a community college such as Garden City Community College. One quote from Brian stands out to me, “College is one of the best investments you can make in life”. The approximate credit hour for Kansas State University is $268.80(Kansas np). Over the course of a semester that would equal out to about $3,800. Throughout the years I have saved up quite a bit of money. With the techniques I have learned from Brian I’ve realized that I can easily pay off half of my college costs, including room and board, with my own money. That doesn’t include scholarships are grants. In reality, Kansas State University is a great fit for me not only because I will have next to zero student debt, but also receive a great education in the

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