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The book, Breathing, In Dust, by Tim Z. Hernandez, begins with Tlaloc and Jesus doing something that is detailed thoroughly having to do with cocaine. Furthermore, in the story Tlaloc, Alejandro, and Jesus were being shot by the cops due to the fact, they resisted and did not respond to the officers doing. After escaping the hectic scenery, Jesus and Loc were on a goose hunt from the cops. They eventually lost the cops by hiding in the fields being camouflaged and not being able to be detected. Thus drinking alcohol on the way back home. Moreover, a tragic situation has occurred that deals with Cesar Chavez’s death. As a show of gratitude for Chavez’s greatness, Tlaloc, Zeta, and Jesus went on a trip to Cesar’s memorial. During the trip, Loc…show more content…
Underneath, he then sees a Ziploc bag filled with notes but wasn’t able to read it because he might miss the train. Every time they do this kind of shenanigan, where they play who’s got the guts staying right near the train as it passes by them. But, as the train was leading up to them, Loc then remembered about Norma’s poem thinking about it and wondering when will it be read. The author then brings the reader to a scene where Norma and her mother are reminiscing about old photos or her great great grandmother Rosa Constante de Felix or “La Morena.” As a little girl, Norma always see her dad and mom showing affection to one another in public not caring about other people’s judgment because they 're madly in love with one another. As for Norma, who is still in high school with her boyfriend Lupe it was all good. But, a note on the the next day showed that Lupe had left Catela but also left her. As she was going back through the photographs, the pictures then made sense to her and that she has inherited La Morena’s lonesome characteristics. Back in the day, when Arturin and Jacky were left behind while their mother goes off to Mexico to deal with business, Arturin was responsible for taking care of his

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