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One battle that is not easy to fight, but winning the battle is worth it all is breast cancer. The reason I chose to write about breast cancer is because my aunt who means a lot to me was diagnosed with it a few years ago. Many people hear and discuss about breast, but they do not what it means and why it is important. When a tumor that is malignant is found in the cells in the breast and its spreads through the surrounding tissues in the breast is known as breast cancer. Most women are not usually alert if they have the disease because they do not know how to check for lumps in their breasts. Some do not even know the common symptoms for breast cancer. Most women do not know that can check for lumps in their breast by themselves by doing a self-examination. In the self-examination, the woman can wait until they are in the shower or while they are lying down. They can take three fingers and move it in a circular motion, gently around the breast and feel for lumps and knots. Women can squeeze each nipple lightly to make sure there is no discharge coming out during the self-examination. However, majority of women do have lumps in their breast, but it is normal.
Breast cancer symptoms is not something an individual will feel as a soon as possible. Not every women has the same symptoms when it comes to breast cancer. There are numerous of different symptoms to distinguishing breast cancer in the female body. Some symptoms may be that the woman may see a change in the size of her breast or the breast may have a different shape than the other. The breast having an unaware discharge coming out of the nipple is another example of a symptom. Other variations of symptoms can be swelling or itching of the breast, an itchy rash on the nipp...

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...ancer. I always believed that working out was not as important as everyone made it seem to be, but now I am mindful about it. I can share all the information with my family members and my peers, to enlighten them about the disease, the symptoms, the risks, and the preventions.
For the research paper, the topic I chose was breast cancer. I spoke about why I chose to do research on breast cancer, because my aunt battled with breast cancer a few years ago and died. The research I conducted was to inform my readers about breast cancer. My research paper contained what is breast cancer that was introduce in my first paragraph. In my paper, there were examples of symptoms such as, pulling in of the nipple and the discharge coming out of the nipple, statistics in men and women, causes of breast cancer, treatments of breast cancer, and ways to reduce risk of breast cancer.
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