Brave New World

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Brave New World Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley. It was published in the year 1932 and is about reproductive technology of the future. It talks of how science and technology is used to manipulate what human beings become. In this essay, we are going to consider the role of women in this novel. The representation of mothers in this novel will also be discussed. By taking into account the role of each character, the different roles of men and women will be discovered. A comparison between Bernard and John will be made to show their different characters in this novel. In the World State society, there are many gender related issues that take place and one gender is considered superior to the other. In this novel, there are very few women. In the World State society, men are the dominant gender. Lenina Crowe and Linda are the most featured women in this society. Lenina is a nurse at the hatchery and she can be used to represent single independent women in this society. She is described as young, beautiful and sexy. She is admired by many men in this community and has dated several of them. While in the lift, Lenina says that she had spent a night with most of the men there (Huxley, 2007 pp. 4). Lenina dates one man at a time. She is dating Henry Foster while at the same time she is attracted to Bernard. Sex in the World State society is encouraged from a young age and Lenina is scolded by her friend Fanny Crowe for dating one man for too long (Huxley, 2004 pp. 13). In this novel, being a single independent woman is not a virtue. A woman should date as many men as possible. Having sex with them should not be made a big deal. It is said “everyone belongs to everyone else” (Huxley, 2004 pp. 12). A single independent woman... ... middle of paper ... ...vered that in the World State society, majority of the population is made up of men. Women are there but are not regarded as a voice in the society. Single independent women are not a force to reckon in the World State society and live normal lives. There is no special treatment accorded to them. Besides, being a mother in this society is a disgrace. In social matters, both sexes have the right to do what they want but in professional matters although women are marginalized. Men are given higher and more powerful positions as compared to women. This is seen in the workplace and in the government. Males and females interact freely and casually, commitment and marriage is not part of this society. The last paragraph describes the similarities and differences between Bernard and John. This essay is a complete assessment of some issues that happen in the World State.

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