Brand Loyalty, Sense Of Community And Active Patance

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A brands main goal is to build a relationship amongst each individual customer. This means the customers should have a psychological and deep emotional connection with the brand. A term used for this is brand resonance. Brand resonance as defined in lecture is a brand that emotionally connects to the customer by embedding in the routine and enhancing the experience of its users. By achieving brand resonance the brand must achieve the following three categories: behavioral loyalty, sense of community and active engagement. In order for a brand to fall under the category behavioral loyalty customers must not only be brand loyal, but also feel that it is the only brand out there that has the product they need (pg.96). For example, if the product …show more content…

For example, when you are at store and you notice someone picking the same brand of shoes as you, you find yourself to be similar. If the yare running shoes like Nike 5.0 you will look at them to see if they have a runners body or look to see what they might wear with those shoes. You will immediately feel similar and you might strike up a conversation asking them why they like those shoes, which there are others out there. If you have entered the stage where people relate with your brand- your brand is succeeding. Last there is the active engagement category. This shows how involved your customer is with your brand. This can be noticed in a variety of ways like receiving updates via email, signing up for their rewards program or even spending a lot of time on the company’s website (pg.93). Doing any of these things and others allows the company to know how much you are willing to invest your time, money and effort towards this brand (pg.93). If your company can engage in all three categories then you have achieved brand …show more content…

I have to set aside a certain amount of money each month in order to have the money for my make up when I need it. To me make up is a necessity item like shampoo and soap, so I will do whatever it takes to make sure I can still afford my brand of make up. Not only do I set aside enough money, I also need to set aside enough time to do read weekly Aveda news updates. To me make up is a passion as well as art, so reading about what goes into their products and what it will do for your face is important to me. When I have time I will read the make up tips or benefits, which let you know great tips/ benefits about the make up you currently are using. An example is my inner light TM dual mineral foundation is talc- free ( This is a cheap mineral that is in a lot of cheap make- ups. This mineral a “fine grained mineral having a soft soapy feel and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate” ( Since I am on the website in my free time, I signed up for their “Aveda Emails” letting me know when new products are out or if sales are going on. Along with these emails they send me free travel size samples that I can receive with my next purchase. This shows that this brand has achieved the active engagement

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