Bradford Museum of Film and Photography

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Bradford Museum of Film and Photography

Our physics group went on a trip to the Bradford Museum of Film and

Photography to find out more about physics. We went to find out about

new ideas of physics and also to reinforce ideas we had already

covered in class. The areas of physics we were going to focus on was

the use of light and lenses and the way they are used in everyday


At the museum we visited an area called The Magic Factory, which was

all to do with the ideas and applications of physics.

At the museum an exhibit, which interested me, was the pinhole camera




This is because it gave a very clear image of the clock tower in the

distance through a tiny little pinhole using a converging lens. There

was a few different options you could choose to test how a pinhole

camera works, there was the option to use a bigger hole which gave a

very blurred image of the clock tower and there was also an option to

use three pinholes at the same time which gave an image which showed

the clock tower overlapping each other three times. The small pinhole

however was the most successful to view a sharp image on the screen

the image is upside down due to the converging lens. In a pinhole

camera the smaller the hole is the sharper image however this has

limitations as the sharper the image the less light there will be and

the image wont be as bright.

A pinhole camera can also be used to create photographic images. If

light sensitive film is left in the camera and the camera left

focusing on one image then after a while a black and white image will

develop itself on to the film. This is therefore a very crude way of

taking a picture. It can also be used to take pictures of outer space

as it picks up the light and can show the placement of stars.

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