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One of the longest living sports in world history is starting to fade in the public eye because of low demand and little to none boxing gym. I understand that people are drawn away because lack of knowledge of where to practice or workout at, I was the same too. I was 14 years-old when I was introduced to boxing by my dad, I thought it was a pointless, violent sport and wasn’t interested in it. I soon grown fond to the sport not because the content of it but the all the hard workouts and cardio training underneath the flash and thrilled of this sport. I play when I was 16 years-old just for the experience and I remember a kid always complaining about boxing and said it was a dead-end sport that nobody watched. I thought the same thing until I start traveling and realize it is still popular in a few cities as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit.
Boxing may be sum up as two Athletes reacting to each other to land clean hits to the head or mid abdominal areas, hits that land below the waist or neck area is consider foul play and will lead you to deduction of points or disqualificati...
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