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Sometimes someone will want to look better for having access to certain information and as opposed to using it effectively, to advance the mass of our people, they try to take the info to the enemy and entertain them about what they already know, to show that they know more than other black people.

This piece is dedicated to brutha Steve Cokely for his tireless efforts to "seek and find" vital information pertaining to the upliftment of Afrikan people. If it weren't for this God'z tenacity to penetrate the forces of white supremacy with liquid swordz, I can honestly say, we would not know of the New World Order and the history of its members as we do now. He has truly been an inspiration to me. Biggup brutha Cokely!!

As we come into knowledge of self, we must, as well, come into knowledge of who doesn't want us to "know thyself". The average Afrikan who has some knowledge of white supremacy might feel it's been, and only been, the "blue-eyed devil" that is responsible. True, but not truth. If you read the piece I wrote last month, IZ YT Human? or Mutant!, you found that brutha moses (the one who went to the caucus mountains to "civilize" the beast) was one of the first sell-outs of theAfrikan spirit.

As you well know, this country was found by criminal minded beasts, who colonized this area just as they did Afrika in the 1800s. As we had our plantations in the south with house negroes and field Afrikans, we find that this trend has never changed as the years have gone by. Thanks to research done by brutha Cokely, we have found that there is a black secret society that has been closely associated with maintaining the grip of white supremacy on people of color. These same secret societies, these house negroes answer to, have a long history rooted in the physical and mental enslavement of Afrikans around the globe. This black "secret society" is called the Boule' aka. Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, founded May 15, 1904. This is the 1st black fraternity in america and was before the 1st black "college" frat, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

The origin of the Boule' is what we are going to concentrate on and by the end of this 2-3 part series, you will be able to decide whether they are bruthaz or not.
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