Boston Massacre Dbq

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Violence and the forcefulness of the British also justified the American colonists’ decision to wage war and break away from Britain. The violent and forceful reactions from the British towards situations like the boycotting, confrontation, and the Boston Tea Party motivated the colonists even more to break away from the British. The violent and forceful tactics the British use to resolve a situation is not the best strategies because it can be used to promote anti-British propagandas. For example, is the Boston massacre. According to document three, a crowd of Boston boys and men started to violently confront the British soldiers. As a result, the soldiers were frightened and decided that they can defend themselves by firing into the crowd,…show more content…
They were fed up with the mistreatment they experienced, and how the tyrant King abused his power over the colonies. Due to the miscommunication between the colonies and Great Britain, both sides did not understand what each other thought about the laws and taxes. The colonists also saw fault in the taxation and applied acts because they were implemented for the sake of levying taxes on them, which they deemed to be unconstitutional. The colonists felt that the reason why the British did not understand the needs and wants of the American colonists is that they colonists did not have any representation in the British Parliament, which they saw as unfair. Violence towards each other further increased the tension and antagonism towards one another, The British are at fault because they were enforcing many things upon the colonies without their consent, opinion, and any consideration for them in order to inform them that they are in charge and more superior. The American colonists were also motivated to accomplish the Enlightenment ideals and they became increasingly exasperated with how they are being badly treated by the British. Eventually, they hit their breaking point and decided to fight for their freedom and not be slaves to the British any longer. Overall, waging war and breaking away from Great Britain was justified because of the tyranny of the British and the mistreatment the colonists
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