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Empire of the Summer Moon gives a peek into the wild, brutal and powerful world of the greatest Comanche tribe in American history. Author S. C. Gwynne, composes history in an enthralling 319 page book. This book depicted the life of the Comanche tribes, illustrated and analyzed the historical events that took place on the western plains during the 1800’s. In addition the book captures the time period of the longest fight between Native Americans and English settlers. It starts with the famous Parker Fort raid and ends with the well-known tale of Quanah Parker and his life on the reservation.

Empire of the Summer Moon begins with the Parker raid considered “the most famous event in the history of American Frontier” (Gwynne 16). The tragic events that happened to the Parker family, what they witnessed and felt during those times are described through the own words of Rachel Parker Plummer. She recorded the events that took place and her life as a Comanche captive in her diary. I felt as if I was there myself witnessing those horrific events bestowed upon this family through Gwynne’s graphic words. It moves on to the hard life of being a Comanche captive told by the captured Rachel Plummer. Again, I felt as if I were living the grim life Rachel was put through during the few years of her captivity. No matter how hard her life was, Rachel always seemed to push through it. An example of Rachel’s perseverance took place when she was burned by her owner’s wife. Her courage and strength was amazing and showed how mentally and physically hard a captive’s life could be. During these times Gwynne also gives an inside look to the Comanche’s lives. He explains their survival, what they ate, and how they were the wealthiest tribe in the reg...

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...y they treated captives and how they brutally killed people.

In conclusion I believe this was a well written, interesting book. I think that anyone interested in Texas or Comanche Indian history should read the book. Though some parts were quite graphic Gwynne projected the truth of the Comanche and their way of life. I learned what I expected to learn and more, as my thoughts over the Comanche changed throughout the book. I was disturbed by their violent, horrific life style but I also understand it was the way to protect their land and their people. My compassion remains for the Comanche and other Indians because I believe they were unfairly treated. Indian land was stolen and tribes were shoved off and onto reservations. This book opened my eyes and added to my knowledge of the powerful Comanche, the mesmerizing story of Quanah Parker and the way he came to be.
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