Book Analysis: A Tree Grows In The Brooklyn

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A Tree Grows in the Brooklyn
The novel, ‘A Tree Grows in the Brooklyn’ by Betty Smith explores the story of Francie’s fall from innocence and her coming of age. Francie eventually learns to value life more as she grew up. She experiences an assertion of life when the Americans initially enter the war that she must live each day the best she can. Francie aptly realizes that the minor issues in life that most people overlook constitute the much-needed happiness. The author underscores that Francie espouses desirable qualities from both her father and mother. Mary Frances Nolan is the daughter of second-generation Americans staying in Brooklyn and is the protagonist of the novel. Katie Nolan is Francie’s mom and hails from a family of strong women. Katie’s oldest sister, Aunty Sissy, is the only daughter of Mary Romney 's who has not learned to read and write. Aunty Sissy has the reputation of being perceived as an easy woman. Aunty Evy is Katie’s older sister and is portrayed as hard working and practical. Mary Rommely is Francie’s maternal grandmother who immigrated to America from Poland. Mary is a devout Catholic and believes in the supernatural. The paper lays a discussion about a heavenly tree, a tree of familial love that grows in Brooklyn, and that survives in any condition no matter how favorable or harsh it may be.
The familial
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Sissy furnishes Katie that she is pregnant again when Katie’s milk dries up when Francie is three months old. The action by Sissy serves to illustrate the tough and straight nature of the Nolans in handling intricate matters. Katie refuses suggestion to abort. Katie stands up to nosy neighbors to protect Francie’s sickliness from their comments and instead likens Francie to the Tree of Heaven that keeps struggling to survive. Kate uses her sister Sissy to iron out her dislike for Johnny by inviting Sissy to Johnny’s

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