Bomb Threat Assessment

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When a bomb threat is received, there are many factors that should be addressed to determine the credibility of the threat and the danger the threat poses. Assessing the credibility is vital to determining the time, location and type of bomb that is to be detonated or if the threat is a hoax. Another consideration is to determine if the threat was a ruse to tie up assets at one location, leaving other locations vulnerable to other types of crime.
There are two categories to conducting a bomb threat assessment. The first category is the threat assessment. This is a list of ten questions pertaining to a verbal or written threat. There are yes or no answers for each question and a point is awarded for every yes. The score is then totaled and the threat of a bomb is increased with the increase of the score. The more detailed a caller or note is about the bomb leads to a (usual) more credible threat. Less accurate information such as mentioning details about the site that are blatantly incorrect increases the chance that the bomb threat is a hoax. The second category of target assessment is comprised of 12 questions and is more focused on the facility and its employees. The same principal for scoring is used as in the threat assessment. The more credible a threat is determined to be, the more urgency needs to be placed on evacuation and searching procedures.
After determining a credible threat exists of a bomb detonation, the decision to search, or not to search, is made by the highest management or follow standard operating procedures. Normally, the best policy is to search the premises after receiving any call threatening a bombing or an explosion. However, in some cases, it may be appropriate to not search and initi...

... middle of paper ... as intimate with many areas and the aspiration to be productive (Bomb Threats and Physical Security Planning, n.d.). Using an explosive detection K-9 team will be the quickest method for clearing a building and locating a possible bomb.
Locating a suspicious package could be just something suspicious or an actual bomb or dangerous instrument. Either way, the package should not be touched or disturbed. If possible, identify the package with markings near the object. Notify law enforcement so they can have the appropriate agency bomb squad or canine team investigate the suspicious package. In any event of a bomb threat, searching is always recommended to confirm or deny a bomb is actually on the premises. In the event of an evacuation, remember to get to a safe area preferably out of sight of the facility to reduce casualties in the event of an explosion.
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