Body Image, Peer Pressure, and Identity in Mean Girls

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It has not been too long ago that I still remember my adolescent years. I always remember the unintelligent things I did that I wish could change, but this Psychology class made me realize that all adolescents go through the same things I experienced. Adolescents are known to try to find their identity, go through peer pressure, make mistakes, and try new things. The move I picked that closely represented what adolescents go through was “Mean Girls”. Some of the scenes in the movie seem a little exaggerated, but it has happened in certain high schools even though I had not experienced it personally. In the movie “Mean Girls”, there is a new girl named Caty that moves back to the United States from Africa. She was home schooled all her life and never experienced the high school life. There were two people that befriended her when she first started her classes. They showed Caty the in’s and out’s of the high school. Some examples would be which table to sit at during lunch, who the popular people were, and what was considered social suicide. These were the typical lessons each adolescent learns as they go through high school. Three examples I picked out from the movie were great examples that mimicked what adolescents go through. The first example deals with body image. In the very beginning of the movie, the ‘Plastics’ bring Caty back to Regina’s house. One of the first things they do is look at themselves in front of the mirror and talk about their body or face and pick at what is wrong with it. One of them says they have man shoulders, one says they have big pores on their face, and the other one talks about her nail bed. This reminded me of how adolescents start to worry about their body image. They are influ... ... middle of paper ... ...air style. I was trying to fit in while finding out who I was. I tried different things by joining the Asian American Club, National Honors Society, and H2O Bible club. In addition, I learned how to play volleyball. Through those clubs and the friends I met, I found out what defined me as a person and what I had a passion for. I was able to define myself by junior year as a person who was a perfectionist, athletic, nice, and loved to dance. I can relate to Cady from the movie because she also was trying to find her identity and how she fit into a new environment. I am glad that I had parents and friends that were able to support me and guide me into the right direction to become the person I am now. My parents would rebuke me when I was wrong and my friends were there to keep me accountable of my actions.
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