Body Cameras Essay

Police Body Worn Cameras
Police worn body cameras would help the public believe in police agencies again. The cameras would help minimize the complaints about officers that use unnecessary force or inappropriate behavior and vice versa from a civilian. The police worn cameras do not lie so they will protect against any false accusations, misconduct and abuse against officers or civilians. The video footage would also help in speeding up court proceedings by providing proof of the crime. The video footage could also help in reducing court costs by speeding up the court proceedings by pre-trial plea bargains or convictions. I think police body camera’s are a good thing because they would help protect the police and the public.
Police distrust
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While no system is absolute, body worn cameras help encourage trust, help keep police officers and the public safe and foster greater visibility and liability on behalf of the judicial system ("Data security is key to police body cameras."). Body cameras will show the event as it happens. The video does not lie. It not only protects the citizens but it protects the police as well. The Criminal Justice Information Services security policy requires routine audits and background checks for those who work with the data. Activating the highest data security will protect the programs ethical principles ("Data security is key to police body cameras."). Body cameras can and will help improve the public’s trust with police officers. Unfortunately, not all law enforcement agencies will use body cameras. The US Customs and Border Protection staff will not wear body cameras. After a yearlong review and trying out the body cameras it was decided that there was a concern of cost, employee morale, harsh environment, and could hamper the officers’ ability to collect intelligence (Jackson). Michael Brown’s, a Missouri teenager who was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Mo police officer on August 9, 2014, mother is urging a Missouri Senate panel to pass a bill requiring police to wear a body camera. Michael’s mother says details from the shooting are still unclear even though a St. Louis County grand jury did not…show more content…
Even though the Fourth Amendment protects Americans from “unreasonable searches and seizures,” there are no limitations on police or anyone else recording you in public. (The amendment requires police to get a court issued warrant to enter your home, but it does not say one way or the other if they can record you in your home without your permission) (Majerol). Police departments must implement the highest data security when it comes to public privacy so the body camera program is not questioned. If you do not have the proper security protection prosecutors, jurors, police officers, and the public may not believe the video recordings. Privacy protocols and safeguards must be in place to protect the integrity of the video. In Seattle, Washington the police department set up a YouTube channel to upload their body camera videos. The police department blurs the images but is this really hiding your identity
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